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The Restoronix Difference

Agent and Agentless Backups

Flexibility is important in disaster recovery systems.  We need to know that we are able to deal with protecting your data wherever it is.  With agentless backup technology we can easily address your VMware ESXi and Hyper-V workloads transparently.  And with our agent-based backup technology we can work with both Windows and Linux workloads on any hypervisor, appliance or cloud and allow you to move in between them without needing to change your backup handling.


We can talk all that we want about our industry leading technology, great hardware, features and more, but in reality what matters at the end of the day more than anything else is support.  At Restoronix we are committed to getting you the right backup and disaster recovery system for you needs and standing beside both it and you for the long haul.  Whether it means being there for your planning and implementation stages or being there with you when disaster strikes, Restoronix is your disaster recovery and avoidance partner.

Simplicity When Possible, Complexity When Warranted

Whenever possible, simplicity is the best thing in life, in IT, in disaster recovery.  Simplicity makes it easy to ensure that there is as little as possible to go wrong and that we spend no unnecessary time managing our systems.  This is one of the reasons that we love the appliance disaster recovery model that we use, we need things as simple as possible while providing the power and flexibility that you need.  When your needs expand and the simple approaches are no longer adequate, Restoronix is there to grow with you expanding in complexity only as much as your unique needs dictate.