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Backup Appliances vs. Software

Backup Appliances vs. Software

When approaching backups we have to consider the options of getting an appliance with our backup platform built into it and fully included or buying backup separately and bringing our own storage on which to store our backups.  Both of these approaches have merit and work in different scenarios.


Of course many businesses will already own a lot of hardware that they would like to use or reuse as part of their backup and disaster recovery planning.  This makes perfect sense, but does have hidden costs that should not be overlooked.  Costs here are mostly around setup time, integration, support and using hardware that was not purchased with the specific use case in mind so may not perfectly fit into the backup strategy whether because it is too small, slow, insecure, unsupported or whatever.


The appliance strategy has the benefit of being fully integrated and tested from end to end and with support options available for everything, no need for finger pointing between vendors or customers working to fix issues on their own.  The hardware is selected specifically for the purpose at hand and so can be designed to fit exactly into the scenario with speed, reliability, support and capacity all considered from the beginning.  This comes at a cost, of course, of buying all of the hardware and software new, instead of re-using what is already available in the organization.


Choosing what is right for you depends on your business’ individual needs and should be evaluated carefully.  We are Restoronix, of course, are firm believers in the value of purpose built appliances, supported top to bottom as a unit.  Backups are one of the most important things that you will implement in your entire business and not a place that you want to be without support when the system is called upon to work.  Support and reliability are really what it is all about and because of these that we are so passionate about the appliance approach to backups and disaster recovery.


As we say as Restoronix: it’s not about backups, it’s about restores.

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