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Enterprise Appliance Backup Solutions

Disaster recovery and data loss protection are among the most critical components of your infrastructure, not the place where you want to be piecing together your own solutions and dealing with multiple vendors.  The Restoronix appliance gives you one vendor, one product and one support channel.  We support your entire disaster recovery solution from end to end, not just one piece of a larger system.

Agentless and Agent-Based Backups

Agentless support for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V infrastructure and agent-based support for Windows and Linux workloads on any platform including KVM, Xen, XenServer, Acropolis, Scale HC3, BHyve and physical servers gives you maximum power and flexibility to support the infrastructure that you have today, as well as the one you may move to tomorrow.

Scale Up and Scale Out Design

No need to be constrained by your initial appliance purchases if your company’s needs increase.  Restoronix supports both scale-up capacity within a single storage node as well as scale out capacity through the deployment of addition nodes.

Industry Leading Technology

At Restoronix, we are not attempting to reinvent the wheel, but to build the best vehicle for data protection using the best “wheels” in the industry.  Our best of breed technology under the hood allows us to provide the most enterprise grade capabilities in the business.

Discover a disaster recovery solution with the ultimate in concierge support.

Restores and disaster recovery is one of the last places that you want to be left without support when you need it.  Restoronix understands the importance of being there, standing behind you when disaster strikes.  Anyone can provide service when things are easy, but being there when things go awry is what really matters.  Restoronix understands that it is not about the backups, it is about the restores.

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Find Comfort Knowing That Your Data is Safe

Nothing feels better than knowing that you are safe and secure and that someone is there to make sure that you stay that way.  Restoronix stands beside you from system design and implementation to training, testing and recovery.  Disaster recovery never felt so good.

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Peace of Mind

The last thing you want to worry about is if your backups work.

A backup is only useful if you can restore from it successfully. With concierge support and testing your Restoronix appliance can let you sleep well at night knowing that we have your back(ups).


Focus On Your Business

You have more important things to do than to focus on your backups.

Your business needs you to be able to focus on what really matters, let us focus on keeping your data safe.


A Backup Infrastructure In a Single Box

Restoronix Backup Appliance simplifies backup infrastructure

By combining backup components into a single box, with a single vendor for support, Restoronix makes backups simpler and more reliable. Fewer moving pieces, lower complexity means less to fail. Your disaster recovery system is not the place where you want things to go wrong.


Data Tiering

Multiple tiers provide more powerful and cost effective backups

Keep important backups local so that you can recover quickly, tier cold backups to the cloud, even to multiple clouds.

Simple Package, Advanced Features

An easy to use, well supported backup system doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice powerful features.

Deduplication and compression technologies allow for better utilization of existing storage capacity.  Virtual Machine backups are especially prone to storing the same data over and over again, making deduplication an important feature to reduce wasted capacity.

Restoronix provides asynchronous replication capabilities for implementing strong 3-2-1 or greater protection to the public cloud or even your own private storage capacity at a different site.

Scale Out technology makes it easy to buy what you need for today and grow as you need for tomorrow.  Adding more capacity does not require replacing your existing Restoronix system, your investment continues to be used so that you need only invest in your current needs without a penalty for not foreseeing future needs.

Private hosting of your own hardware backup solution can combine the best of cloud solutions with the security and peace of mind of owning your own backup solution.  Restoronix will host and fully manage your backup system in our partner’s facilities, here in the USA. All the simplicity of the cloud, all the comfort of ownership.  Need your device?  We can ship it to you.

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Restoronix backup and recovery appliances provide comprehensive Disaster Recovery services to keep your business online all the time.

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If you’re new to Disaster Recovery, let us help you learn more about how to protect your business with our online resources.
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Discover Our Appliance Options

The Restoronix solution can scale to meet your needs or your budget. Find out which product is the right one for your business here.

A Disaster Recovery Solution That Understands Business

Your business needs to know that its data is safe and that your disaster recovery vendor is there to work with you to make sure that things are working before a disaster strikes and to get you back up and running if it does.

Best of Breed Technology

Expert Guidance at Every Step

A Solid Partner in Protecting Your Business

Simplicity for Less Chance of Error

One Vendor for All of Your Needs

Architected for the Needs of Real Businesses


Let us help you deploy and configure your new disaster recovery appliance. We help you make sure that everything is right from the very beginning.


Let the backups start and get your environment Restoronix protected.


An untested backup isn't really a backup. If you have not tested your backups, how can you be sure that everything is working?


Kick back and relax, Restoronix has you covered. From our appliance protecting your environment, to our support protecting your appliance.

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